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Originally Posted by Endless619 View Post
Nobody cares if its .5 seconds faster. Quite frankly any manual is the better car over any DCT/Automatic/Tiptronic/SMG etc..I have an autotragic X5 and love it but for the long drives and snow trips, not for weekend fun and hills....

Bump.. Merry Christmas...
Endless619, having owned many MT vehicles I agree with your statement, in general, it can be more enjoyable. If the car was to be used in stop-n-go driving for commuting, I don't think I would use an M3 for it. The 328i or former 335d would be a better choice (with an automatic).

Part of my decision revolves around the one other driver in my household as well as future (driver). My wife doesn't know nor wants to know how to drive a MT. I tried in the past and she would prefer the easy route of putting the car in "D" and go. Now it's the what-if scenario. If we are out in my car and she needs to drive it. If I take her car for the day, etc. I am planning on buying a third used vehicle to serve as the driver trainer car, trips to the stores and/or snow days.

I will be test driving a M3 today with DCT. My local dealer has one in inventory. Even though I don't own one, from what I read on the forums and publications, yes it is a lot faster. But as engaging, perhaps. I'll need to discover that through a test drive.