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Originally Posted by italyix View Post
My calculations were based on matching the front 500lb spring with a rear of 600lb using a rear coil over set up, given a motion ration of .83 for the rear.
Ah, I misread your orig post - I thought 600 was being used in the stock location, and 1200 was being used in the coilover location...

So you are recommending a F/R 500/1200 lbf/in setup for a R spring mounted in the stock location (i.e., control arm mounted)? I do not know of a single person running that spring combo on a street or dual-purpose setup using Motons, Ohlins, JRZ, AST, or MCS dampers - are you running, or did someone recommend, this spring rate combo?

I'm currently running F/R 500/800 on JRZ dampers, and previously 600/800 on Moton dampers, R springs mounted in the stock location for both setups.

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