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Originally Posted by r53s65e90 View Post
I still have a lot of pad material left so I am not taking part in this month's group by. Just wanted to share my experiences with Stoptech Street Performance and RS19.

See attachment with front pads for comparison. Both pads used only for bedding, driving to the track and then were replaced with the stock pads.

Top: Stoptech pad after 6 sessions at laguna. 6 mm of material left. Initial material is 17mm (22mm with backing plate). They are much better than stock.

Bottom: Pagid RS 19 after 10 sessions at laguna. Material left 12mm. Initial material 14mm (19mm with backing plate). They feel much much better and stop harder than stoptech street performance. On the street they are quiet if they soak in plastilube. Once that has burned off at the track, they are better than a loud exhaust in attracting attention. My wife hated it, so it is ideal if you don't want you significant other to drive the car.

$ per session stoptech: Price about $100. 17-6 mm in 6 sessions at a rate of 100/17 $/mm gives us $10.8 per session.
$ per session rs 19: Price about $360. 14-12 mm in 10 sessions at a rate of 360/14 $/mm yields $3.8 per session.

This, not considering more pad changes which is time if you DIY or time+money if you take it to a mechanic. Also not considering the fact that street pads below 4-5 mm are not suitable for anything beyond 7/10 driving.

Also, you can count on a great shopping experience with Richard.
Thank you sir for the great info and your kind words!
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