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Exclamation Performance Meters - Gtech, Innovate, etc

Does anyone have any experience with any of the various performance meters and data loggers out there? I stumbled across a good article on car and driver that compared a few different performance meters, although the article is from 2005 so it's a bit outdated.

Since I will be doing some minor upgrades on my M, I'd like to have some before/after data to see what gains I am making and ensuring everything is still operating safely. A few trips to the dyno may be worth it for accurate hp and a/f readings, but I'm thinking that maybe one of these inexpensive meters may do the trick and may actually be able to provide much more feedback. Me being an engineer, more data is always a plus!

After some quick reading it seems the latest Gtech Pro RR seems to read accurate 0-60 times, 1/4 mile times, hp measurements etc. Since its gps sensor is pretty accurate, it even will give accurate lap times, g loading, etc on a track day and it's all downloadable to a PC. Price seems to run about $2-300. Has anyone used one of these?

Another one I've been reading about is the innovate OT-2 which sounds pretty cool. It hooks into the OBD2 port and is able to wirelessly display graphs of all sorts of data including o2 readings, ignition timing, temperatures, etc.on an iphone or laptop. You can add their wideband o2 sensor or egt gauge and feed that data as well. It can read back and delete check engine codes, and it also states it can act as a performance meter but I believe it uses the iphone sensors and therefore maybe not as accurate as the Gtech. Again, all of this data is saved in files and downloadable to a laptop and can be overlayed in graphs. At only $150 on amazon, sounds like a bargain to have all of this data at your fingertips. Again, anyone have any experience with one of these?


Do any of you chip tuners have any good recommendations for inexpensive datalogging and performance metering? It would be really cool to see the before and after data with some of the popular tunes out there like BPM, ESS, etc.

I'll have to continue my research into this and more than likely I'll have to try one or two of them out for myself, but what do you guys think about it?