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Originally Posted by Dave2 View Post

Please provide more details on this tune along with pricing. The OP mentioned keeping the rpm limit, cold cycle time, an top speed limit unchanged. Is the software customizable for each purchaser or is it an al la carte type menu of options?

I have a 2011 M3. The drivetrain, including exhaust, is stock. What should I expect from a tune?

I am unfamiliar with with reading or programming the ECU through the OBD port. Is there an instructional manual for this task?
Mike is taking a well needed break and I don't want to speak for him but perhaps I can give you some answers from my experience and partial understanding...

The "tune", as differentiated from the engine management and control laws (e.g. 240E, the current DME code base) plus coded options (e.g. folding mirrors) or selected modules (Euro MDM is a module that is present, just needs to be turned on as I understand it) is the result of Mike's exhaustive work to refine the parametric data and control law coefficients employed by the DME itself, in furtherance of improving performance and drivability. Mike has worked to modify the various maps and tables that are used to drive throttle response, ignition timing, fuel mixture, etc.

The pricing of the tune reflects the effort put into this, namely hundreds of hours and thousands of miles, and the results one can expect. Also the reliability and the means of delivery of the tune are significant value contributors.

Speaking of which...

I have found the Stage I tune to produce much smoother engine operation particularly noticeable during acceleration, maybe actually faster to redline, more oomph in shifting (DCT). It is not like dropping a supercharger in but it is worth it in my opinion. I'm running 94 octane and that helps but doesn't alone account for the improvements.

In my case I elected to retain the stock rpm limit and the cat heat cycle on startup (no emissions impact this way). I elected to go with the cold start rpm limiter and eliminate the speed limiter not that I had a serious issue with either. I also have the CEL inhibitor for absent catalysts (efficiency) but this is a no op in my case unless I do modify the exhaust that way. All other oxygen sensor function and OBD/CEL function is unaffected.

There are many things that can be tailored and there is a Stage II tune for those with major exhaust modifications. You can find more information in the vendor section where the group buy is posted.
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