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Originally Posted by TTG View Post
Probably it is nothing besides a new car vs old car...... How many miles did your 2011 had?

On a second note, it still have no idea why anyone would trade in a 2011 for a 2013?
Originally Posted by FLOSS M View Post
nothing wrong with a switch from a 2011 to a 2013- worth it for the auto stop/start button
my monthly payment on the 2011 was 36% more than the monthly payment on my 2013. also, the residual on the 2011 was garbage because my lease was not done properly so if i bought my 2011 out at the end of the lease, the total cash out on it would have been 104k. on my 2013, if i buy it out at lease end, it would cost me ~2k more than if i financed it. so now i have an option of keeping it at lease end.

i dont think its placebo effect. i legit think it is faster. going to buy the GPS thing and do some test runs with my buddies who have 2011 and we'll see whats faster.

and my 2011 had auto start stop i just never used it ahaha