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Originally Posted by aznboi319 View Post
Yea, I guess I should also believe everything that I see on TV.

I was just trying to share an experience that your personal perception of "feel" is not quite the same as reality power wise. The purpose of my Dyno trip was not to find this out, but to see how much power I was putting out with the G-Power. I just wanted to test and see if it was any different in M Mode while I was there. Who wants to sit there and read a boring ass manual when you can go and see for yourself? In your argument you are basically saying that one should never test any doubts that they have and just read a book that some else wrote. Sounds like sheep to me.
If your intention was to test your supercharger on the dyno then by all means. But why is it so difficult to read literature that comes with the product. You spend your hard earn money on something and you don't read to find out as much as possible about it, is just a little lazy. So many questions on this forum could have been very simply answered if the manual was read.

If you had originally posted that you were aware that in theory, the amount of power doesn't alter, but still feel that it does, and wanted to dyno to get a definitive answer, then that would be fine. But instead you posted your utter disappointment that the amount of power didn't change, which inevitably garners a "what did you expect" reply. Being genuinely unaware is one thing; being ignorant and then complaining is another.

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