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Originally Posted by daveycrocket View Post
Only Chevron...Ever and for the last 25 years. I hear quality issues with Shell. Apparently not so with the above comments.

I'm originally from So. California and thought Arco went out of business. I remember using their gas in my very first car and it ran like crap. I started using Chevron at that time and it ran like a whole new car.

My parents were right that time after all!
What quality issues with Shell? All gas must meet strict federal regulations. So it is highly unlikely that a specific gas caused problem in your car or runs like crap. My friend that works for Chevron tells me that all gas comes from the same pipeline that is shared by Shell/BP/ConocoPhillips. That means all gas basically comes from the same place. The only difference is the additive added.

Originally Posted by O-cha View Post
You guys do realize that the base stock of the gas is literally the exact same thing at all the stations and the only difference is the additives added by each brand right? Additives the effects of which you wont ever feel and would only be noticeable after something like 50k miles.
The feds required all gasoline to have some sort of additive. And the additive shell/chevron advertise is something like 1 gallon of additive per 8,000 gallon truck.