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I went to the Dyno the other day and I wanted to see if there was any power difference in M Mode and Non M mode. I was very surprised to find out there was not any power difference. The power curves were nearly identical and the only difference was at the top end where M Mode peaked 8 HP higher. I think this was only due to the driver keeping the throttle to higher RPM. I kind of felt disappointed after finding this out. Why does it feel like the car pulls harder in M Mode? Is the throttle response really that fooling? Does M mode only occur in lower gears? It just "feels" like once M Mode is engaged that the car unleashes like ~30% more power. Even when cruising and I just hit M mode the car feels like I just opened the door to a caged beast.
What did you expect? It's obvious that M mode doesn't change the power of the engine. No where in the manual does it state that it does. BMW M has never stated that it does. No review has ever stated that it does. All you are able to alter about the power delivery, is the amount of throttle response.
I guess throttle response really does make you think like more power is present. I'm not saying that's what it says in any manual or reviews. I just "felt" like there was more power in M Mode so I wanted to see for myself.
If you read the manual, you wouldn't have needed to get it on a dyno.
Yea, I guess I should also believe everything that I see on TV.

I was just trying to share an experience that your personal perception of "feel" is not quite the same as reality power wise. The purpose of my Dyno trip was not to find this out, but to see how much power I was putting out with the G-Power. I just wanted to test and see if it was any different in M Mode while I was there. Who wants to sit there and read a boring ass manual when you can go and see for yourself? In your argument you are basically saying that one should never test any doubts that they have and just read a book that some else wrote. Sounds like sheep to me.