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i am going to have to disagree with the OP on avoiding stoptech lines due to the lack of the OEM style fittings on the flex lines. at all four wheels, it is a non-issue. any brand will work fine. if you do get the stoptech style, you just need a 14mm flare wrench, which i have. with the oem style, you do not need that. you can just let the metal support tab hold it in place.

the inner rear hoses are a whole different story. the bottom side of them is easy, but do it last (last off and last on). undoing them on the top side to start is a PITA, because you are stuck with the oem hose locked in position. you have to wiggle that 11mm in there on the hard line fitting. start with a flare wrench to break it free and then move to an 11mm stubby open end to finish it. it is the re-install where the stoptech style is truly better. all you have to do is get it started with your fingers. the stoptech just slides straight through the braket hole and has a washer to deal with the gaps in the bracket hole. now use a 11mm flare wrench on the top side hard line and use a 14mm open end to tighten the hose. leave the 11mm flare wrench alone. the flare wrench will turn a little bit when you start tightening from the hose end, and the wrench will just wedge itself into place and not move. now just do all your tightening from underneath with the 14mm on the hose fitting. it goes super fast. when it gets tight, switch to a 14mm flare wrench to finish. now remove the 11mm flare from above and finish up with the lower end of these inners.

if you use an OEM style that is held in place by the bracket, you are stuck wiggling around again with an 11mm in a very tight space to tighten the brake line. way too much work and VERY tedious.

so if you are not getting them with a kit, go with stoptech or a smiliar deisgn. if you go with any other brand, serious consider purchasing the stoptech style separately for the rear inners. well worth the money for the reduction in time and headaches to install them.

of course if you are paying someone else to do the install, all of this is moot.