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Originally Posted by DaveDee
Originally Posted by Hawker30 View Post
I have the Sport with Quads. Before I was simply running stock. There is a noticable power gain on the low end and a huge increase in sound all around. I am considering the valves to quiet it down for cruising around town. Overall awesome product.
The valves are worth every cent. Mine had an Akra Evo before , and the Gintani Quads have a much quieter sound with valves closed at idle and slightly louder with valves open. Fuel smell was around the same with the quad resonated as the Akra Evo with 100 CPSI HFC. I have a slightly higher power gain than previous set-up and at the track the other day I was pulling away from another M3 with another brand X pipe and rear section, other than that the cars were almost identical, same tune etc.... In my case the results are the best of all tried so far. Whilst sound preferences are subjective I believe this system produces the best sound an M3 can
Hi Dave
I got my system installed and sounds really mean! I'm loving every single bit of it! But my neighbors aren't that happy when I come to warm it up! Now I'm considering installing some valves to it, is it possible to do so ?