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Originally Posted by nukezero
I'm sure this had been discussed before but I want to buy an M3 yet the higher sticker price of $73k loaded is crazy high in my opinion.

Then I found out the rest of the world pay anywhere from $100-200k USD after a conversion of course.

Take for example in Taiwan which is right next to china, this car probably costs $150k there due to tariffs. Considering the average 4yr college student makes only $1K US dollar a month, it seems impossible to obtain one without rich parents.

However, then I discovered people in some countries don't pay exorbitant taxes like we do in the US especially California. I paid nearly 34% in income taxes last year. But these people only pay maybe 15-20% and their cost of living is lower since food is cheap. $2 USD can really fill you up on the streets of Bangkok.

So which would you rather have it? High taxes, food and living costs with cheaper car prices or low taxes, food and living costs with near-exotic car prices ?
The food isn't necessarily cheaper in most of their major cities if you consider the money they make. Then there is different tax policies too. You might think they pay less income tax but they have other taxes we don't have here in North America. USA is the cheapest places to buy cars compare to almost everywhere around the world.
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