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Seems Christians have their fair share of passionate whackos. Magee seemed to be just hedging his bets on the Rapture/Armegeddon in actively supporting Isreal.

I wasn't really old enough to understand when Jimmy Carter was in office, but I really like him as a concerned citizen. I was not aware of all the inside political rumblings in the Baptist church. Kinda scary that you must sign that you agree with EVERYTHING the preacher says.

The huge difference, at least in this show, was how the Christian "leaders" were trying to change the nation, return it to what they feel are the roots of the country, but they were doing it within the framework of the Constitution.
Also, I didn't see any interviewing of Christians outside the US. With the Muslim warriors, we went all over the middle east, and then back into the US.

Despite my Catholic upbringing, I have to say I disagree with those who clung so tightly to keeping the 10 Commandments in that public building, because it was pretty clearly against separation of church and state. The fine line on the currency re: "In God we trust" was touched on one of our other threads recently, i.e. the offense will be taken by aetheists but the majority of people in the US do beleive in a god, and the rule of the land is democracy, i.e. the majority rules.