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Originally Posted by T Bone View Post

If your team was going to the Superbowl who would you have?

Vick vs. Brady...... Brady
Vick vs. Cry Baby Manning ..... Manning

Vick is so one dimensional it isn't even funny.

Back to the topic, he needs to die a horrible death.
If you knew anything about football you would know that both Manning and Bray BOTH have a top notch team around them. Unlike Vick, who has him and a few players here and there and NO receivers, just a quality tight end. Dont place the blame on someone who is doing with what they are given and arent complaining. Lastly, Peyton Manning, my fav. QB, is not a cry baby, more like the best in the NFL. Also explain how vick is one dimensional. Dont just say phrases and hope someone response with a "+1". Vick is the best rushing QB ever and has one of the best arms in the league next to Farve and Byron Leftwich. There is no merit to your claims or statements.