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Originally Posted by CheeseJaguar View Post
This thread is really interesting, I've always wondered about day trading and some of the analyses you guys do are a lot more technical than I expected.

I'm a buy and hold sort of person, $5,500 on red (VSTMX), January 2nd for me.
Wait you are down $5500?

Originally Posted by Hisam135i View Post
sadly use to be much more active, hopefully ill be more active again posting in here. Problem is I can predict short term for quick trades and people are generally more interested in long term predictions (which are nearly always wrong). Technical indicators are fantastic for short term and thats about it in my opinion, hard enough to predict 10-15 mins out let alone 1 year out
I think its easier to predict to short a stock vs long on a day trade. But if you swing trader often it is easy to follow the trend to short or long a stock IMO.

Originally Posted by Hisam135i View Post
Made a forum for day traders over my break lol check it out and sign up I want to see what this can grow to!!!

Cool, I'll check it out. You only trade with $2k? I don't do options but I'm guessing options has a hell lot more leverage than trading stocks.