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Originally Posted by a burrito View Post
Thats super quick. I went about 17k on my oem ps2's before i dumped them. I have stock size ad08's on right now and i have about 18k on them with 40% tread left. I commute about 110 miles a day, slide the car often, and drive quite agressively. However, i don't do any burn outs or do any stressful stuff to the car in first.

Are you doing alot of local driving? Maybe your alignment needs to be re-checked.
That's some pretty good mileage on the tires. I have similar driving habits, with driving aggressively, but not wasting the tires in 1st gear.

I feel DCT helps with this. If I was driving a regular manual, I'd usually get a lot more wheel spin in 1st, 2nd and 3rd so as not to wear the clutch.