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Originally Posted by Chriskm3 View Post
There is a small amount of drone around 2000 rpm. U just have to listen for it. Op- great write up. This is why the forum was created.

Thanks very much. I fully agree - a lot of the board members have been a great help to me and I sincerely appreciate it, so I'm hoping this thread will help others.

And I agree - there is a small amount of drone at around 2100 RPMs and then at 3000 RPMs. The issue I have on the highway is at 3000, which happens to be match my typical cruising speed on the highway (roughly 80 MPH). The drone I hear at 3000 is louder than 2100...

I'm guessing some people hear drone and other don't, both due to their hearing and perhaps how the job was done and everything was repacked...