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Originally Posted by jimmy ny View Post
New m3 with a tune will be better than your car with a supercharger. thats just the way it is. sorry
I could touch on some of your other points but this one specifically, how do you know? I don't believe the specifics to the powertrain have been released. Until the M3/M4 is released and tuners start looking at the code, it is difficult to know how much untapped potential there will be.

OK, you made another point specific to pricing. That is Audi offers better pricing vs. BMW. As far as I knew, Audi CA's are trying to make as much profit on vehicle as a BMW CA. As a potential buyer, research ahead and know the market value, incentives, etc prior to negotiating. The RS5 is the direct competitor to the M3. Last I checked, most dealers are selling those cars at MSRP. Not sure where the consumer wins in that scenario.

As stated previously, I do like the S4/S5 and strongly considered ordering a S5 in Sepang w/ the panda interior. I prefer the older styling but with the updated interior. However the S5 lacked something that I wanted. The total experience of induction and exhaust sound, handling and a DCT transmission that allows for a true manual mode.

From your post, you owned a M3 and now have a S5. Therefore you should be able to provide a balanced review of both. However, it seems that your experience (cost/pricing, cold weather, performance, etc) with the M3 was less than desirable. Enjoy your S5.