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Originally Posted by jimmy ny View Post
Well my m3 had active auto hfc. Check light once in a blue moon. Running a car with no cats is not an option. The current m3 is dated and maxed out after bolt ons and fighting the dealer over mods. My car is newer and with stasis warranties. Apr is not an option and will void your warranty and barely make any more power over stasis for the hassle. You just can't admit that the new s5 is better than the m3. Jeez my clk 550 was a better car than my m3.
You have the right to love your S5, in fact it's an excelent choice over the 335, the C350 and the IS350 but stop living in your bubble! If you want to compare apples to apples, put coil-overs on the M3 and then you could see which handles better! Also if you don't like going catless, no problem, a stock M3 still trap 113mph, from what I see on the net a Stasis S5 will not trap more then 110mph! Also the M3 as dated as it is still win comparos against the RS5, your cars big brother!

I don't know on which facts you base to say that a stock S5 is as fast as an M3 till 130, but all the S4s I've raced when I was stock were close till 50, then good bye and I'm manual, DCT would destroy them before that! Also no Stasis S4/S5 have run in the 11s, you need to change the pulley and other bolt-ons for that! And finally, just for your information, maxed out M3s these days have aroung 675-700hp on stock everything(internals, clutch, tranny)!

Maybe you had a bad experience with your M3, but living in denial wont help at anything but make you look stupid on this forum! Merry christmas and no hard feeling!