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The key letters in FMIC are IC, and a heat exchanger is NOT an intercooler. It's a FMHE if you want to call it something with fancy letters (and that is what ESS refers to it as in this discussion). They work completly opposite of each other. An intercooler passes air over the fins that is cooler than the charge air to cool it off, it is used in air/air systems. A heat exchanger moves the heat from one medium to another (in this case air to coolant at the HE in the manifold, and coolant to the air at the FMHE) and the fins on the HE dissipate the heat. So, unlike an FMIC which cools your charge air, the FMHE only cools the coolant that was heated by a second HE in the manifold. Same goal, two different methods, two different parts.

As for using the A/C or C02 to cool the HE coolant, no there are not kits offered by current e9x supercharger vendors, but there are plenty of universal options in the aftermarket. It's nice to have a 105 day and your engine thinks it's a 65 day, your engine will thank you with both performance and reliability, and who doesn't want those?

Oh, and no I don't have an ESS kit, but there is plenty of documented information on it here, and that combined with a vast amount of knowledge in fluid dynamics and thermal dynamics tell me all that I need to know.

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