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I am very aware of the TD1 code. Stasis i believes brings up a TD13 or something. Audi will not void your warranty. They are accepting of Stasis parts. It is exactly like Dinan. The S5 is just a better car. Way more comfortable first off. The M3 in the northeast winter was terrible. Not talking about snow. Im talking about warming the car up, heat, ride , etc. The S5 with a intake,tune and exhaust, is i believe more than fast enough for the street. And the dealers don't rip you off and have these very high lease payments. I would go as far as to not even consider another BMW again. Also i drove the 335i way before i bought the M3 and thought it was garbage. Steering and brakes and ride way to stiff. The M3 was the better driving car. I also drove the V8 S5, that car had no look to it, and the car was not fast at all. I thought the Infiniti G37s was a better car and buy and as quick. Granted back then the M3 was the best thing available. If Mercedes would have made the E550 coupe in 4matic awd i might have been tempted to get that. But with no posi-rear, it would have been a bad decision.