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Originally Posted by JAIM3
I don't drive my car that frequently (live in the city and do not drive to work or anywhere on a regular basis), and ended up buying the BMW branded battery tender.

I opted for the version that plugs into the cigarette lighter, as that seemed a bit less conspicuous than having my hood cracked. I park in my condo's garage and would rather not attract any attention.

I was easily able to close the door securely with the cord running through it. Will doing this long term be bad for the rubber door seal?

Thanks for the info!
Just keep in mind that your car typically runs off of a battery and its generator. These sources provide a nice clean DC power to your highly sophisticated vehicle.

Now, be careful with some battery chargers as they may not be as clean as you might expect when converting your house power AC 110v (for example) to your car's 12 volt DC.

So, don't go cheap in this area.