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Turner Test Pipes Installed on M3 E93 by Sonic MS

I recently had SonicMS in MountainView source and install the Turner Test Pipes on my M3 E93. The process went pretty smoothly. One of the issues that we discussed was whether the clamps could be used to re-clamp the primary cats back on once I'm off the "track." Since test pipes are for track-use only...Eric and his technician confirmed that they created enough space during the cut, to allow the oem clamps to be used, i.e. no welding required when primaries go back on- only clamps needed that's a relief. hopefully it'll actually work-out when comes time.

It's been quite wet out, so I haven't had a chance to push the car too much, but here are my first impressions:

Turner Test Pipes w/ OEM exhaust-
1) Idle/Cold Start- Sounds stock at idle- slightly louder at cold start but it isn't too bad. (I wouldn't get a tune JUST for the cold start delete)
2) Smell- I can barely smell any difference- Remember, the secondary 200 cells are still intact, as well as resonators and muffler.
3) Sound Volume- normal during easy driving, but when pushed, it's definitely louder, but not like "hey look at me! I'm so cool!" loud... its meaningful volume, nothing more.
4) Tone- ...hmmm my first reaction was not immediately positive. I kinda like the increase in volume, a bit more "rawness", but there are sections in the rpm band during WOT that I wouldn't necessarily describe as "music to my ears." I'm not sure how to describe it, slightly raspy or echoey if that's a word (during 3.5k-4.5k rpm). My friends love it. Maybe I just need to hear it more....
5) Power- I can definitely feel the power gains and that's from only casual to spirited driving so far.
So far, I am happy with the mod. For under $600 (parts+tax+labor), I think it's one of the best value mods for the S65.

Next, I would like to get a tune(BPM, ESS, VF, etc.) but find it difficult to justify spending $1k on SOFTWARE....does anyone know if the price usually include maintenance, customer support, upgrades, etc. for a defined number of years? It's not like we can sell the tune in the secondary market when/if we want/need to return back to stock to make back some of the costs right? Anyways, having a background in software sales, I need someone to really pitch to me the value of a tune...

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