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Originally Posted by MediaArtist View Post
I just checked, and GTA IV has an ESRB rating of "Mature". So "young kids" shouldn't be playing this game, and they shouldn't be watching movies like The Expendables, or John Rambo.

I'm not sure how this is a question of content control rather than parental control.
You'll see from previous posts that i believe it's almost ALWAYS a question of parental control and discipline or rather, lack thereof. It's not the games fault. Just like having access or permission to view R rated movies or kids picking up poor language from their parents, disdain for a gender, race or their smoking and drinking habits. These things almost always come from parenting.

Take away the premise that they "shouldn't" be playing these games, acknowledge the fact that they do and argue that they don't possible blur a child's vision between reality and gaming.

Again, it's not an excuse, it's a possible reason that contributes to the these tragic events.

A lot of those videos on youtube have the players voices recorded and you can clearly tell it's a minor playing the game. And they think it's so funny that they take the time to post a video of their sprees on youtube looking for praise. - This points to lack of parenting, family interaction, parental praise and support.

I'm not so ignorant that i think kids who get all of these things from parents don't do these things for attention from their peers as well, but if there parents are on the ball, the kid won't be playing GTA in the first place.
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