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So the story gets better..I make the 40 mile drive to the dealership to get there 15 min before they open. This valet guy walks up to my car and I tell him I need to speak with the service manager. He tells me "sorry nobody is here today, we are open but not really, like customers can pick up their cars and stuff." I proceed to tell him "we'll I just got an oil change on Saturday and they fucked it up and now I'm already down a quart" I then asked if the parts dept is open so I can buy oil" he then waves me in to pull my car up. So I'm thinking.. This is promising at least I can get my oil even if its paying for their mistake. Well..he walks in and then walks out and says "what kind of oil does the m3 take? I tell him the type of oil and he walks back in talks to this lady then walks back out and says "sorry it's all locked up I can't help you"

So now I'm heading to a dealer 15 miles from here who opens at 9 to see if I can buy any oil. When I get home from work I am going to draft a nice letter to Ottos BMW (stay away from this dealer) and to BMW NA about this whole ordeal. Imagine if this was something more serious makes you wonder what type of service you would get.