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Originally Posted by jimmy ny View Post
I switched 6 months ago from my 2011 m3 zip with all bolt ons to 2013 audi s5. With the kwv1 i intalled it handles better than the m3. on the highway its as quick up until 130 and the interior,fit,finish,paint and electronics blows away all bmw cars. With my stasis tune due in january i can be assured this car will then be faster than any bolt on m3, its already been proven in the s4. Plus with awd, i go in the snow and when not in boost getting 20mpg in the city. The next m3 or m4 better be substantially better than the current car. I could have gotten an rs5 but the potential for power upgrades is much better in the 3.0t motors. These cars make real power with bolt-ons and go consistently in the mid to high 11's. The m3 can not do that without a 15k supercharger and the risk that goes along with installing it. Audi is the new king. And if i was looking to spend more...then AMG is where i would be. Sorry guys.
Congrats on buying a S5. It is a great car and does have tuning potential with options from STaSIS, APR, etc. However to say that it runs mid to high 11's with bolt-ons is mis-leading. This would say by simply adding a intake and exhaust would yield the desired result. Not true. To achieve the desired result the S5 would need the ECU tune (stage 2) with pulley, exhaust, configured with DSG transmission and that has the potential to be high 11's. Search the Audi forums, primetime and imolamonster have the data to back-up my statement. Yes they both have a S4's but it's the same powertrain. STaSIS does not offer a pulley upgrade.

You may or not be aware that Audi is scanning S4/S5's, when in for service, for ECU modifications. If detected, it will receive the infamous TD1 flag. This will void the powertrain warranty. STaSIS has their own warranty (like Dinan for BMW) but it still could be an issue.

Your reference to not buying RS5 due to the advantage of power upgrades for the 3.0T engine, look at the Audi forums and try to find one owner who regrets buying the RS5 over the S5 (some have migrated from the S4/S5). IMO, a parallel can be found when reading the post of 335i vs. M3. All are great cars for different reasons.

I don't yet own a M3 but have extensively test driven the S4, S5 and M3. I had owned a 335i w/ the Dinan tweaks. As a total package, for me, the M3 is the vehicle of choice.