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Yeah, i'm pretty sure Mario Cart is what they were talking about....

This one gets interesting at 1:15....

This was the top comment for this video.....
megataco200 3 weeks ago
I do this on GTA all the time, except i block off the doors so the cops don't get in.
So it's just me and the civilians

Start about a minute into this one.....

Great game this is....

Here is another where the poster left a note hoping that you like this video because it took him a lot of time to edit the video in slow motion.

Please, continue on about how these games couldn't possibly affect young kids in an adverse way. Jump on to youtube and check out the comments. They are lovely.

I'm not an NRA member and nor do i attribute every mass shooting to video games, but you can't tell me this crap is healthy for young kids to play.
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