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Originally Posted by TTO898 View Post
Great write-up, thanks. I have a new E93 that I've been contemplating doing this on and not sure if I should actually do it or not. The highway drone scares me a bit, I must say. Otherwise sounds like something that would be perfect. Keep us posted on your thoughts and impressions.

BTW did you get this done locally and how much did the shop charge you?

I would VERY STRONGLY recommend that you find someone locally to give you a test drive in their modded car. Be sure to try it roof up, windows down, and then roof down, and I would recommend that you drive the car, if possible, so you can hear the difference depending on the throttling modulation. I'm suggesting this specifically because I rode as a passenger and it clearly turns out that I drive more aggressively than the other person, as my car is much louder on throttle than the sample that I heard in-person (probably because I put my foot down more than they do!).

It's been only several days so far and I'm very pleased. The car sounds pretty much perfect with the roof up (maybe 1 notch too loud but it's ok). Windows down is quite good as well, but roof down is still an adjustment for someone conservative like me. I'm guessing roof down is either love or hate for each person, as some will love the constant noise and others will find it to be too much.

Overall thus far I'm very pleased, as it has completely changed the character of the car and has changed my opinion from ("This car is too quiet, not exciting enough at lower RPMs in city driving, and is disappointing compared to the E46 M3 Convertible" to "This car is a lot of fun and is always engaging"). It's actually pretty amazing how much of a difference this 1 mod makes, especially for the price. I can now see why people keep saying that it's the best mod they have done, regardless of the price.

As for the price, I paid more than a lot others - $350. Part of the reason is West Los Angeles pricing. The other part is I used an exotic shop because I knew the owner and trusted his work. I think most people are getting the mod done at a muffler shop, which is typically cheaper and frankly a good idea. The shop I used is literally a 5 minute walk from my place so the convenience alone was worth the extra $$$.

Good luck. Feel free to PM me if you would like to discuss, as I'm happy to help. But the best way, by far, to make a decision about this is to hear it in-person - it's critical. The sound becomes more exotic, which I absolutely love, but it might not be for everyone...