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Originally Posted by MRSSIIM3 View Post
sweet, im glad i followed it then. did you start to drive it harder right after the break in or was it gradual? what mileage was your last report at? just curious to see how long it actually takes for the break in to be finished and for everything to be as it should be
Fairly gradual for about another 200 miles and then let her rip. By my third oil analysis everything was looking good, although my last sample only had 4335 miles on it. Here are the comments:

"Nice improvement in wear. The oil was changed after last sample, and this oil was run just 4,335 miles, so we expected to see a nice drop like this. Hopefully iron and the other metals stay close to averages from now on.
Insolubles read at an incredible 0.0%. That's a rare find in used samples, so your oil filtration set-up is truly excellent. Insolubles are mainly oil oxidation and blow-by. The viscosity of this oil was in the 10W/60 range and should be fine for your BMW. No coolant or moisture was present. Great report at 10,581 miles!"