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Originally Posted by Fsarc View Post
Did the same thing on mine at 1180 miles. Here are the comments from Blackstone regarding my sample:

"Don't be alarmed by the high metals and silicon present in this sample. Since your BMW is new, these metals are a result of the break-in process. Expect metals to linger for two or maybe three more oil changes as all that extra material washes out of your engine. Universal averages show typical wear for the BMW 4.0L engine after about 4,300 miles on the oil. Your engine should look like that or better soon. The viscosity was low for 10W/60 - in the 5W/30 range, and a trace of fuel is not concerning. Check back next oil change to see improvements."
hmm this is interesting. how did you break your car in? did you drive it hard or did you follow the break in procedure?