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Originally Posted by Superfly_M3 View Post
From what I understand, water-air coolers run on the same circuit as the radiator fluid (I think). This means that if the IC gets hot, radiator is already hot as well. Would in not be simpler and more heat effiencient to run some sort of additive in the rad coolant, or perhaps a upgraded thermostat that would open sooner? Or perhaps inclrease the pressure in the rad?
The air/water intercooled kits (VF620/650 or ESS 585/625/650) have a completely separate cooling system (pumps, intercooler, coolant reservoir, etc). I'm not sure if someone has messed around to see if there's something more effective for track days (like an ice box or a fluid with a higher heat retention), but it is something worth investigating.

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Would it be recommended to inspect and replace/upgrade the main bearings before going forced induction? I am assuming this would be a ton of labor since the engine would need to be dropped?
Bearing related problems are nothing new to M motors. For the E9x M3s, MY07-09 (Early Build '09) are unfortunately more susceptible to this problem (that doesn't mean EVERY M3 from MY07-09 will or can be affected). Keep your ears open for weird sounds (engine chatter), regularly change your oil & if you want to be extra careful, get your oil analyzed (Blackstone Labs) every so often to confirm there is no abnormal wear on the internals.

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