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Originally Posted by 808MGuy View Post
IMO, the SWS can be run as high as 140 with some creative EQing. That may not be available with the equipment the OP has. Also, it is true that the SWS lacks midbass and tends to be really boomy hence the need for some serious EQ adjustments. It serves its purpose if the boom is what you're looking for but if you're looking for clean midbass and a seamless transition from the mids to the midbass, you won't get it out of the SWS. There is a compromise here that needs to be made if you're unwilling to install a sub in the trunk. You're either going to get decent low end with little midbass and a slight gap in the frequency response (SWS) or you can get smooth response with a little less boom and not as much low frequency extension (there are a few choices that fit the description here but one of them is offered by VP which are the Jehnerts)
What is the best way to creatively EQ SWS's? I recently replaced my Rainbow SLC's in the doors with Profi's and had my Zapco DC360.4 repaired and updated with new firmware. So I'm sort of starting from scratch with the tuning of the car.

I spent some time yesterday working on getting the EQ right but I'm struggling. The only way I can get the SWS to sound decent is to drop the x'overs to 80 hz. I have the doors set at 100 though... so that leaves a big hole.

I'm curious how others are EQ's w/ SWS's.