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Originally Posted by jimmy ny View Post
I switched 6 months ago from my 2011 m3 zip with all bolt ons to 2013 audi s5. With the kwv1 i intalled it handles better than the m3. on the highway its as quick up until 130 and the interior,fit,finish,paint and electronics blows away all bmw cars. With my stasis tune due in january i can be assured this car will then be faster than any bolt on m3, its already been proven in the s4. Plus with awd, i go in the snow and when not in boost getting 20mpg in the city. The next m3 or m4 better be substantially better than the current car. I could have gotten an rs5 but the potential for power upgrades is much better in the 3.0t motors. These cars make real power with bolt-ons and go consistently in the mid to high 11's. The m3 can not do that without a 15k supercharger and the risk that goes along with installing it. Audi is the new king. And if i was looking to spend more...then AMG is where i would be. Sorry guys.
I love Audis and yes the supercharged 3l. is a exeptionnal engine with a lot of potential but this is totally false, with an APR stg2(more power then Statis), your S5 would be on par or just a bit faster then a stock DCT M3, but surelly slower then catless M3. FBO M3s can trap as high as 118mph and run in the 11s on street tires, a Statis tune like yours wont trap faster then 112-113mph wich is really good anyway for just a tune!