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Originally Posted by Let It Rein View Post
My equity was wire transfered friday...after the holidays I start looking again...
Love that there are some diehard M fans here. I loved my ESS M, but it was time to move on to something a little less family friendly, lol. If there was ONE perfect car, we would all own it and nothing else would exist. Cheap interior? Ill take performance over that any day.
I thought that too man..but the thrill didnt last

I had an 03 viper with 500whp 510tq...The performance is fun but at some point you grow tired of the lack of luxury around you. Maybe not so much lack of luxury, more like you grow tired of cheap creeky, rattling plastic.

I know the z06 interior is slightly different, 08+ atleast have some faux CF trim I suppose, coupled with the Nav its better too