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Originally Posted by Blindside_137
I'm in a pretty significantly modded 328 E93.

In a wide open parking lot I too am trying to park far away. I would park next to an M3 for sure but leave a car space between us if it was really that wide open.

In a tight parking lot where you can't park far away with any more open surrounding space than any other area, I would still park didectly next to an M3 or similar car. Likely I would put my driver door on the side the M3 is on and it's my way of saying your car is safe on my side. I open my doors carefully. And it's also me saying hey you're car is sweet so I wanted to park next to you lol.
I know exactly what you're talking about and I wouldn't mind if a nicer car parked next to me. But this isn't a nicer car and I think he just parked there to be funny so no damage done