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Originally Posted by benzy89 View Post

I will say that air/air intercooling is a better alternative for track use. Why? Well while air/water intercooling has incredible cooling abilities, once the water is heated up & stops effectively cooling, it takes a long time for it to cool back down (which you won't really get at a track event). Meanwhile, air/air does not face this problem because it operates by cooling passive airflow (which you'll get plenty of while lapping the track).

While initially the air/water setup might be more effective in cooling, it is more appropriate for daily driving & 1/4 mile driving (where the car has time to cool down between runs). ON a race track, air/air intercooling is the most appropriate system.

AFAIK, there are 3 air/air systems available:
  1. G-Power ($$$$)
  2. Active Autowerke
  3. Evolve

The ESS, VF Engineering & Gintani all use air/water intercooling.
From what I understand, water-air coolers run on the same circuit as the radiator fluid (I think). This means that if the IC gets hot, radiator is already hot as well. Would in not be simpler and more heat effiencient to run some sort of additive in the rad coolant, or perhaps a upgraded thermostat that would open sooner? Or perhaps inclrease the pressure in the rad?

While we are on the topic of coolant, I saw this some time back:
I talked to the manufacturer, and the only downside are cold temperatures. It colder climates (-10C +) the water pump would have a hard time during start up because the coolant would get thick.

Has anyone tried this?