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Originally Posted by MRSSIIM3 View Post
Roman, I am interested in supercharging my M3 as well. I am looking at VF, ESS, and G-Power.

My question to you: I know that supercharged m3s hold up well, but have you encountered ANY significant issues with customers' superchargers? And by significant i mean blown motors, or other supercharged related repairs that cost >5K to fix?
At this point, all of the major kits have undergone extensive, long-term R&D and consumer use. Any serious issues that might of existed have been address by this time by offering kit revisions & upgrades (ex: ESS recently updated their tunes).

ESSENTIALLY, as long as you properly maintain the car & follow the required mods (octane used, sport exhaust, etc), the car should be rock solid.

Originally Posted by lukester View Post
you guys should really release a track proven "hardcore" supercharger kit.
From time to time there are guys who give their SC'ed M3 a try on the track.
100% of them has heat issues.
I've seen that several times especially on the Nordschleife

It's ESS, it's G-Power, it's all kind of SC kit's.
They're 100% rock solid for daily driving or highspeed Autobahn stuff but when it comes to racetrack usage I haven't seen one car which just works.

Isn't there a change to build a track proven SC kit which will not move the engine oil and water temperatures too hell and the car to limp mode?
While the Nordschleife is prob the most abusive track known, I know that VAC Motorsports regularly tracks their VF620 car. I'm sure Mike@VAC would have no problem commenting on how their car is holding up, if there are any issues with overheating after extended use and if the've have been any problems with the DCT (overheating, trans slip, etc).

I will say that air/air intercooling is a better alternative for track use. Why? Well while air/water intercooling has incredible cooling abilities, once the water is heated up & stops effectively cooling, it takes a long time for it to cool back down (which you won't really get at a track event). Meanwhile, air/air does not face this problem because it operates by cooling passive airflow (which you'll get plenty of while lapping the track).

While initially the air/water setup might be more effective in cooling, it is more appropriate for daily driving & 1/4 mile driving (where the car has time to cool down between runs). ON a race track, air/air intercooling is the most appropriate system.

AFAIK, there are 3 air/air systems available:
  1. G-Power ($$$$)
  2. Active Autowerke
  3. Evolve

The ESS, VF Engineering & Gintani all use air/water intercooling.