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Originally Posted by Roman@ESS View Post
The S65 motor has held up with boost very well over the years when tuned properly and kept within it's limits. We have been very happy with this platform. With well over 500 kits installed worldwide now the track record on our kits have been very solid.

I looked into the new M5 / M6 but the weight and cost made my decision to go back to another M3 easy.
Hi Roman,

you guys should really release a track proven "hardcore" supercharger kit.
From time to time there are guys who give their SC'ed M3 a try on the track.
100% of them has heat issues.
I've seen that several times especially on the Nordschleife

It's ESS, it's G-Power, it's all kind of SC kit's.
They're 100% rock solid for daily driving or highspeed Autobahn stuff but when it comes to racetrack usage I haven't seen one car which just works.

I'd love to SC my M3, too. But that means SC kit + big oil cooler + big water cooler + removing the AC + big air to air intercooler + .......

Isn't there a change to build a track proven SC kit which will not move the engine oil and water temperatures too hell and the car to limp mode?