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Originally Posted by MRSSIIM3 View Post
Roman, I am interested in supercharging my M3 as well. I am looking at VF, ESS, and G-Power.

My question to you: I know that supercharged m3s hold up well, but have you encountered ANY significant issues with customers' superchargers? And by significant i mean blown motors, or other supercharged related repairs that cost >5K to fix?
We have not but that is not to say it could not happen or never will. We take reliability very seriously when we develop and tune our products but anytime you add up to 50% + additional power to a vehicle there is always a chance you can break something. If you follow the guidelines we provide for our kits your chance of having a major failure are very slim but even stock motors, transmissions etc... have failures so there is never a guarantee.

Your best bet when adding power to your car is to use a tuner with a proven track record and use the product as intended. There is no substitute for real world, long term testing and R&D when it comes to adding FI to a vehicle.