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First thoughts on the C63 AMG

So the beast is now in the garage next to the Cayman R. Seems huge next to the Cayman. Drove the 250 miles from Dallas with ease-very happy on the highway-you barely have to breath on the throttle and the car lunges forward- unreal levels of torque. Definitely the nicest interior of the bunch (M3, Cayman). I still like the Cayman interior as a sports car-the most purist and purposeful. The two tone black-red seats in the AMG are gorgeous!
The car has a weird effect on people-I had an F10 M5 try to race me 5 miles out of the dealer's lot and a modded mustang later on??? Something about those quad exhausts that calls in the boy racers.
Downside: so far the tire size baffles me. 235/18 on the front and 255/18 on the back???? This car needs at least 265's up front and 295's on the rear. Unfortunately there is not enough clearance for that. I am going to upgrade to 245/19's and 265/19 on the back. Looks like that is as big as I can go. The reason the black series has those crazy add on fender flares.
Need to get some photos up soon. Had to leave the car behind for xmas visit to the parents....