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Originally Posted by redline9001 View Post
I don't buy HRE cause there exclusive, I buy them cause they make a great product in custom figments and I can have rims that give me the prefect look for my needs.

All of the other brands that get mentioned on this board as better then HRE all make wheels on different levels including OEM for car makers and sponsor major racing and have been in business for a lot longer. The cheap wheels ans OEMing pay for the racing efforts, that gets them credibility.

I just look at this as a natural evolution for HRE and growth of their business, they are sponsor some forms of racing now and moving towards one of those top spots in more people's eyes.
Yes, but are their flow formed wheels still going to be available in a custom fitment? I am inclined to think not, hence part of the lower cost. HRE??
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