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Originally Posted by Mpowah View Post
So I just had an oil change today and 5 hours later I have the oil light come on asking me to add 1 qt. Do you think it's risky to drive for the next 1.5 days until the dealer is open?

Note when I got my car from service the oil level was at 50% so obviously they didn't fill enough or they never did an oil change since that's where my meter read when I took it in :/
If it says to add a quart, if I were you I'd do it; however, I'd add just a little at a time until the oil lite goes away.
Before you start the process, I suggest you take a picture of the the message asking for an additional quart. That way, you can present the screw up to the dealer. You should tell him to drain all the oil, remove the filter and start all over again and do it right. Have him show you the cans of oil he puts in the car if need be.
Good luck with it.