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Originally Posted by a///Mazing View Post
If this helps.

I bought my 09 a couple months ago with low battery. They claimed it was due to short trips from the last owner. Took it in, they charged it up over night, 3 months later only 27% left. Brought it back in to the same guy and they replaced the battery under warranty, and ran a drain test to ensure the car had no other issues. No questions asked at Mississauga BMW.

If anything, they also gave me a brand new 5 series as a loner for a couple days. =P

Did you buy the car from bmw mississauga? Good for the dealership to step up, wish i could say the same for Budds. That low km business is nonsense, a fucking civic's battery doesn't die over low kms, why does an m3? I understand a weekend car like a ferrari or lambo needs to be charged but a daily driven m3? An m3 with an actual warranty on the battery for fuck sakes!
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