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Originally Posted by DEWBMW View Post
So, I'm an Alaskan state resident and my '12 335xi is registered in Alaska (inspected in NY) and I drive in NY. Both Alaska and New York are 2 plate states. I only drive with a back plate, because I'm under the assumption that NY police can't ticket me for violating an Alaska state law, and NY police can't ticket an out of state car for violating a NY specific law. Do you think I've found a loophole? I hope, because I just bought a custom Euro plate for the front. Thoughts? Thanks!
Technically yes. However, as others have stated, if the NY policeman knows Alaska requires two plates, but can't ticket you for it, they'll just ticket you for anything else they can. You're parked? Oh look too far from curb, ticket. Moving? Failed to signal that lane swap, ticket.