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BPM Tune - Just Do It

I don't normally plug vendors or their products in my personal life, too many pursue me and my time at work. But every once in a while one stands out, they and/or their product.

Mike Benvo and the BPM tune are an example.

After dithering around (and wasting some of Mike's time) we met up yesterday. In the midst of a medium-class crisis at work Mike and his bag of software were a solid and reliable thing. Proven is the word I'm thinking of. So far it's been one day but the results are apparent and good. It may very well be possible that no one this side of Munich knows as much as Mike does about the ECU/DME software and its operation. His tunes are truly intellectual accomplishments (backed up by testing) and not hacks.

Coding options is interesting and I might like to give that a whirl myself but tunes, where the real value is I wouldn't even dream of. And there's no need, we have Mike to thank.

No, I have received no renumeration or any other benefit for this other than giving credit where credit is due which alone feels good.

Happy Holidays!
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