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Well as i posted above took her our for the first time to the dubai Autodrome this weekend past and she was fantastic!

I have to admit she a was much more competent than I was. This was the first time i was running the full Gp circuit( usually they open up the smaller circuits). So i know I made a ton of mistakes

The good:

Absolutely no brake fade, even after 3 hours( granted every 4 to 5 laps i would take her in to cool down and go over my lines with a friend who is much more experienced than I, he's porsche club instructor)

oil temperature got to around 120 after around 5 laps which was perfect as i always go in after that many laps for a 15 minute rest session, which gave it enough time to cool down

Excellent balance and the V8 was fantastic

Tires were great

The bad:

Initially there was a ton of understeer but after the first couple of laps we played around with the tire pressure and got it to a good point that i was comfortable with. still not the best and the next track session ill have to play around with it a bit more but good enough. Any suggestion on PSi for tracking from you guys would be great.

Due to it being the GP circuit meant that we would be running with Caterams/race cars/radicals/cupcars/xbows/etc... those things are just stupid fast and road cars couldnt keep up. this also meant that we had to get out of the way immediately when they were up my ass which was annoying as i constantly found myself looking in the rearview mirror.

The rest of the field consisted of 2 M3's(they did around 4 laps and called it a day. My friend told me that they seemed to have over heated.... but I did not see that for myslef.), ferrari 599, M6 ( all these four did around 4 laps and called it a day:P) GT40, Carrera S 997.1 Cab,Carrera S 991, CaymanS PDK, around 6 GT3/GT3RS( fastest cars out there by a mile). There were some other cars but they were barely out on the track.

Below are a couple of pics with some videos.

I in no way claim to be a pro, in fact as i stated at the start of this thread the R8 was the capable one and I felt i was letting it down. But with time I'm sure I will make her Proud.

All in all i was very pleased and this has definitely given me food for thought on that 991 GT3 spot I have on the list.