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Originally Posted by spdy330 View Post
Personally I would have been cautious with a new member selling something on here.

Kind of like buying on eBay you never know if they are legit or not.
It really sucks that there are people like this out there.

What I can say is that this member is logging on here checking out your thread as the last time he logged on was "Last Activity: 12-17-2012 02:30 PM".

Keep us posted.
Well it's lesson learned I guess. I made a suggestion to the mods that I have on, and if these rules were not followed the thread was deleted within an hour

All sale threads require pictures and in all pics, there must be a piece of paper with the persons username and the date. That move managed to kill over 95% of all fraudulent attempts of selling on the forum (things were pretty bad over there, 3-5 scams a week I'd say)

2012 BMW E92 M3