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Originally Posted by Siciliano611 View Post
I've owned a 09' m3 for a year now and it is out of warranty next June. It now has just passed 27k miles on it and only today have I started noticing that the angel eyes and taillights (with the headlight switch on AUTO) are not coming on when i unlock the car after locking it....this is now consistent with 4x i've tried today....The strain to start the engine seems like a little bit longer as well. Usually If u unlock and lock the car a certain amount of times the angel eyes and taillight welcome lights won't come on but I'm talking about the 1st time i unlock the car after being out of it the taillight and angel eyes do not come on.... I notice the clock in the car is correct and not stalling yet though. Any opinions on this? Obviously I would like to get the battery replaced under warranty if this is indeed the issue....
I went out and purchased one of the BMW battery chargers. I used it today. Charged my battery up to 100% in a few hours. Quick and easy to use. I recommend getting one. It's only 69 bucks at the dealership.