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Originally Posted by Z K View Post
The reviews are mixed at best if you read them. Even for the 2nd generation (which is still the same platform with some tweaks) is average.

Really, if you pay $40-50K for a car that is average and has questionable styling, are you really getting your money's worth? Fifth Gear's team test complained about the cheap interior, flimsy plastics and the exterior was boring. Yes, they said the driving experience was good and BMW-like but that was all.
So if you go with Top Gear and Fifth Gear, you have 0 and 0.5 for a score.

Sorry but just because a car has a BMW badge does not make it special. I'd save my money and get a RAV4 before I get an X3 and laugh at the people driving around in square boxes that paid double as much for a shiny badge on their average car. Remember, its a SUV.. the U stands for Utility. This is not a baby that will be garaged and driven for fun - it will get used and beaten. For $50K, the X3 doesn't offer much for the $. Throw in resale value and you'll be spending a lot on very little car.
I don't disrespect anyone's opinion, but I think the x3 looks fantastic, especially in M-Sport trim. Perhaps that is my first hang-up with people that disagree. As for the Rav4, the pre 2013 is ok at best in styling, pretty mundane, and the all new 2013 looks like every other Toyota in the front, ugly. Its a mix between the Sienna, the Venza and the Camry.

Ugh, go right ahead... I'm not sure what the all new Rav4 will cost, but I did just build out a limited 2012 with v6, nav, etc, came to $33,000. Thats pretty close to what the CR-V in my household cost when it was new as well. It's definitely great value for the money, but I don't think that the x3 isn't a good value as well. If all anyone cared about was "bang for the lowest buck" then no one would ever buy a BMW. Your argument could be used for a Camry over a 3-Series as well... I see you have an e90 M3, what makes it special? You should have saved your money and bought something cheaper bro, just because it has a BMW badge doesn't make it special... I'm kidding, but what you apply to an SAV purchase also applies to ANY purchase, I am sure you would disagree, I'm sure your M3 is an AMAZINGLY special car, and I'm sure there are x3 owners (of both generations) that would say their vehicles are special as well. While my ZHP is no M, I feel like it is a pretty special car, but not just because it has a BMW badge, it just is...

We will be looking at off-lease 2011's in 2014 (or towards the end of 2013 if any loaded alpine white on black 35i M-Sports come in early). So the argument about loosing the initial value is lost on me. After buying (and loosing money) on two "brand new" vehicles, I'll stick to CPO'd from here on out. Someone else can loose all of that money... Well, until I'm well off enough to start buying M vehicles...

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