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Possible M3 Issues - Paranoia?

Soo... only had the car for a few days, but here are some things bugging me or is it just me being a noob.

1. The inside smells like oil or petrol (don't know which) when the air is set to recirculation or automatic, slightly better if left open. Engine problem or the micro filter thingy needs replacing? My 335i didn't smell like anything even following a black smoking exhaust bus. Amazing!

2. A very small intermittent knocking tapping sound coming from near front underneath the car or a rattle? But seems intermittent when I left it to idle, whilst walking around taking pictures.

3. Clutch bite point seems high? Like I keep lifting and lifting then it catches the gear then it starts to drive? Or is just an easy, not so sensitive clutch pedal?

Can't think of anything else at the moment.

Thanks people.